Jason and Travis Kelce Shout Out Taylor Swift Fans After Winning Award

The 'New Heights' co-hosts accepted the honor of Podcast of the Year at the 2024 iHeartPodcast Awards.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are giving credit where it's due. The siblings and co-hosts of the New Heights podcast thanked Taylor Swift's fans in a fun video after their show was named Podcast of the Year at the 2024 iHeartPodcast Awards on Monday. 

Starting out with their signature "New News" call, Jason announced the victory by throwing his hands up in the air. 

"We won podcast of the year!" he shouted, with Travis replying, "Get the f**k out of here" before marveling that "people actually listen to this." 

Awards were doled out on Monday at the sixth annual iHeartPodcast Awards Presented by The Hartford Live at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Travis and Jason were not available to attend the ceremony in person, instead pre-recording their speech while recording last week's episode. 

"We wish we could be there, guys, but we are honored," Travis said in the clip, released on Monday. "We are honored to accept this award. Podcast of the Year is big s**t." 

Jason echoed, "Listen, this is an incredible honor, especially for two jabronis like us to receive an award like this is beyond humbling." 

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The show -- which debuted in September 2022 at the start of the NFL season, which culminated in Jason and Travis becoming the first brothers to ever face off at the Super Bowl -- indeed reached new heights this year amid news of Travis' romance with the biggest pop star in the world, resulting in a convergence of the show's existing fanbase, dubbed the "92 Percenters," with the Swifties. 

"We would be remiss if we didn't immediately thank all the 92 Percenters out there A.K.A. Swifties who voted for us to win this award," Jason joked, earning a big laugh from Travis. 

"Thank you guys for everything," Travis continued, poking a little fun at the fans' tendencies to go the extra mile with, well, everything. 

"We truly do have the best fan base in the entire world," he said.

"Thank you guys for voting every single day of every single month and every hour of that day," he trailed off. 

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"Listen, we absolutely love making this podcast each and every week, and it is beyond rewarding when we get to find out that it resonates with so many people out there and that they get joy out of it, because we sure put a lot of that into it," Jason added. 

"You guys make this show what it is," Travis concluded. "We truly appreciate you guys." 

Fans were quick to offer their support in the comments on Instagram, with one noting that the "Karma" singer has also gained new fans from her involvement with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. 

"Congratulations! I’ve been a fan since right around the time you put out the poll about what to call your fans," the listener wrote. "I love the 92%ers! I’m now a swiftie, too, but I was a 92%er first."

Another commenter countered, "Came as a Swiftie! But staying now as a Kelce! Best thing to come out of Travis & Taylor is finding Jason & Kylie!" 

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Indeed, Jason and wife Kylie Kelce -- along with the entire Kelce family -- have also become even more famous of figures in recent months. 

Back in January, the Philadelphia native and mother of three said in an interview on Good Morning America that she "deeply appreciates" the fan support, but also finds it a little bewildering.

"I almost feel a little guilty that people are so interested and invested in what I'm doing," she shared. "I'm like, I am trying to scrape applesauce off the couch. You don't -- this is not fascinating, so it's funny to me."

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New Heights drops new episodes on Wednesdays. 

On last week's episode, Travis tearfully paid tribute to Jason in the wake of his retirement from the Philadelphia Eagles after 13 seasons. 

"It was cool being the tag team of the National Football League, man. Pretty cool s**t, man," Travis said. 

"I didn't talk to you about it and I kinda let you do your own thing, and I couldn't have been more proud listening to you yesterday," he said of Jason's official announcement. "It's been a lot of emotions. A lot of sad emotions, a lot of exciting emotions. I mean, you got the world in your f**king palm right now, dude, and you got three little ones I know you're dying to watch grow up. It's a lot of exciting future things that we have to look forward to." 




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