Jenn Tran's Season of 'The Bachelorette' Won't Film at Bachelor Mansion: 'We're Breaking the Mold' (Exclusive)

ET can exclusively reveal exciting details about season 21 of the series.

Jenn Tran's season of The Bachelorette is going to be unlike any other. ET can exclusively reveal that season 21 of the reality dating series will not film at Bachelor Mansion, but will rather host its first night at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, California.

"I think what I've been trying to tell myself [is I'm the] first Asian Bachelorette, first PA student, we're really breaking the mold this season," Jenn told ET's Denny Directo. "I feel like a new mansion is the perfect way to break the mold... I'm gonna bless it with some really good vibes."

After Jenn, the show's first-ever Asian American lead, wraps up her first night as the Bachelorette, she and her remaining men will immediately leave the U.S. and head to locales including Australia, New Zealand and more.

Season 21 will be one of destination, which is sure to delight Jenn.

"I'm so excited," she said of traveling throughout her season. "As a Sagittarius, we love to travel, we love to be independent, we love to do crazy things. I don't know where we're going yet, but I can't wait to find out."

As for her dream destination, Jenn said, "I've always wanted to go to Africa my entire life. I love animals and I would love to go out in the sanctuaries, go on lots of safari rides, all that stuff. So maybe that's in the cards."

Whether or not Jenn gets to visit Africa as the Bachelorette, she's excited for whatever her journey for love brings.

"I don't really have a game plan," she admitted. "... I'm really just gonna be my freaking self and that means all the good, the bad, and the chaotic, and the psychotic. That's really what you're gonna have to look forward to."

Season 21 of The Bachelorette will premiere in July on ABC.



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