Take a Tour of the 'Vanderpump Villa' Chateau (Exclusive)

Lisa Vanderpump's latest show will premiere on Hulu April 1.

Lisa Vanderpump is welcoming fans into Vanderpump Villa.

ET's Denny Directo visited the 19th century chateau in the south of France to get a tour of the property and hear all about the upcoming Hulu reality series.

"It's not just about the staff," Lisa told ET of the show. "This whole show, this whole experience. We have guests that check into the hotel every week. It changes the dynamic... The guests have some very important stories to tell, and that was a lot of the fun as well."

Those guests are welcomed into a luxurious setting with chandeliers hanging from trees, a stunning poolside space, tea upon their arrival, world-class meals dreamed up by executive chef Anthony Bar and sous chef Caroline Byl, cocktails created by mixologists Telly Hall and Andre Mitchell, and events imagined by Stephen Alsvig and Gabrielle Sanon.

"It's a very intimate and just amazing experience," chateau manager Eric Funderwhite told ET. "... We do end up integrating with the staff and our guests together as one."

"Sometimes a little more than required," Lisa quipped in response.

As for her relationship with her staff, Lisa categorized it as "very motherly," adding that she's "guiding them."

"There's a lot of growth in the cast. It's challenged them. It's not been easy," she said. "Also, living with 11 other people, even if it was your family you'd want to strangle them."

Telly confessed that the drama is elevated because the cast lives together in staff quarters, explaining, "There's no, 'I'll talk to her tomorrow.' It's like, 'Damn, I'm gonna have to sleep right next to you.' There has to be a resolution because we're in each others faces 24/7. [You] can't escape it."

Overall, Lisa said the "unique" show "has the beauty, it has the naughtiness, it has the fun parts."

Hannah Fouch, a server, promised there will be "a lot of messiness," too, noting, "I think a lot of fans are going to be shocked on what they're about to see unfold."

Lead server Marciano Brunette concurred, admitting, "I'm a little spicy, but I'm fun, I'm outgoing as well."

"I'm somebody who cares a lot about making people proud of me, and especially when it comes to this job and Lisa," he added. "I take it very seriously. I was hand-selected by her specifically to be here and I genuinely am someone that cares about that, so I have a big heart."

Vanderpump Villa premieres April 1 on Hulu.



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