'Love Is Blind' Star Brittany Mills Reveals Shocking Season 6 Contestant She Dated Aside From Kenneth Gorham

Brittany Mills made the shocking claim on the 'De-Influencing' podcast.

In the aftermath of the whirlwind sixth season of Netflix's hit reality show, Love Is Blind, one contestant is shedding light on the behind-the-scenes drama that unfolded during her journey to find love. 

Brittany Mills, whose engagement to Kenneth Gorham captivated audiences, recently disclosed startling details about her romantic entanglements before the show's conclusion. 

During an episode of the De-Influencing podcast on Wednesday, Brittany revealed a bombshell: she was simultaneously dating another man while navigating her relationship with Kenneth on the show. 

The identity of this mystery suitor is Jimmy Presnell, who is known for his appearances alongside Chelsea Blackwell and Jessica Vestal.


"I was actually dating somebody else," Brittany confessed candidly. "And it didn't get shown because he was in a lot of drama. And poor Kenneth, like, I had him on the edge of his seat."

Confirming Jimmy's involvement, Brittany described him as "really smooth with his words," hinting at the complexities of her feelings at the time.

However, despite Jimmy's charm, Brittany found solace in her faith-based connection with Kenneth. "I was like, 'He is so God-fearing. Brittany, that is what you need,'" she explained. Reflecting on her conversation with Jimmy, she revealed his hesitance to fully embrace that aspect of their relationship, stating, "'Honestly, I would kind of need you to like lead me that way.'"

Brittany and Kenneth first connected in the pods on season 6 of the reality dating show. Kenneth popped the question, and the couple happily jetted off to their romantic getaway in the Dominican Republic. But once they returned to life in Charlotte, North Carolina, things seemed to be off between the pair. 


Ultimately, they called off their wedding before ever making it to the altar, ending the experiment early after Brittany told Kenneth she was no longer feeling a "crave" for him. ET spoke with the exes separately last month after their split aired on Netflix, and the former couple only had kind things to say about one another. Kenneth also opened up about the footage of him constantly on his phone. 

"It seemed like I was just on my phone all the time," he recalled. "I said to myself, 'Ken, this is ridiculous. I cannot believe you're doing that.'"

Added Kenneth, "Anytime I'm in a conversation and I unpack it, it seems like I'm retreating. And I'm actually not retreating. I'm actually internally processing and not responding impulsively."

But Kenneth admitted that he understood the way this response might be perceived.


"What I did not consider was, if I'm talking to someone and I just start being quiet, they're like, 'Hello? Are you here with me right now? Are you here?'" he said. "And I meant nothing ill by it. That's just my way of processing. It's just another lesson I've learned."

For her part, Brittany said she never thought Kenneth being on his phone was "disrespectful."  

Kenneth added that he expected to go to the altar with Brittany and was caught off guard by her feelings. And though they didn't speak for a few weeks following the split, Brittany shared that they have stayed in touch. 

"We actually decided the night that we ended our intimate relationship that we would actually remain friends," she said. "Although we did drift apart, we learned so much. And I think I can speak for both of us, we're so thankful for the process and how it went, and how it was handled." 

"We're still super close because we just have a larger understanding of who we are," Kenneth added.


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